About Me

Hello everyone! I am a twenty-something mathematics tutor and small-scale fashion designer, who is in love with all things vintage. This blog started as a way for me to share my first steps into vintage. Since I started, I have gained a lot more knowledge (and a lot more clothes!). I make a lot of my own clothing, and combine my pieces with vintage and thrifted finds. My favourite decade is the 1920's, but my interests/style often strays into other decades.

I am always open to suggestions or questions so leave me a comment! If you want to send me an email I can be reached at phonographfashions@live.ca

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  1. What is your favorite movie?
    So glad there is another person as interesting in the world.

    1. Not sure I really have a favourite movie. "A Lady of Chance" would perhaps be one of my favourites. I've also always loved "Breakfast at Tiffany's" too.

  2. It is became dificult in nowdays to find some people that have interest this must charming way to be and to think than you have. To love life for what it is and try to be what you are, to explane to the all idiotic world we actually have what beauty he have lost by his ignorance of the past! Thank you, I was thinking than I was lonely in this way, but I now see than some people like you are in this very same way.

    A young French Nobleman.

    PS: Please forget my incorect English.

  3. have you ever thought of using a fancy shower cap as a colonial mob cap ?

    1. Well that's a slightly random comment. I actually have a authentic-style colonial mob cap from when I worked a museum one summer. They didn't have enough for all the girls so I made my own and got to keep it afterwards.

  4. Hi may I follow u ? I want to say right away that I am a: Cross dresser I read your post on making home made seamed STOCKINGS I *LOVE-IT !!!!!!!! I also love all things VINTAGE My under garments that I wear when I do C-dress consist of wearing stockings / gater belts / or Corset well,,, I am still looking into buying the right one for my body after all my body is still a male body lol & well ? were just made different lol & so I also been wearing a panty girdle to hold-up my stockings thank u for your blog Kelly by the way that is my Fem-name :)

    1. Sure, you can follow me. Glad you liked the tutorial :)

  5. Hello .. I am a Mary Pickford addict and found you on YouTube.. I have always been extremely fascinated with all things from 1900 - 1940s... I am older than you and wish I could have found someone years back with the same interest .. Believe me, it will never leave you and you will continue to learn something interesting forever about those days gone by ... My grandmother remembered all the girls wearing their Pickford curls and I never tired of listening to her stories growing up in a small Ontario village ... BTW, I am a Canadian , born in the Niagara area ...
    I wish you a lifetime of happiness and fun as you continue your Vintage Journey ...
    Many Best Wishes, Pamela
    p.s I also have a black cat named Bogie and a tabby named Babie ...

  6. Hi Kate :) I just found you via the pomade youtube clip - brilliant recipe that I'm going to try - thank you :) Bit of a fan of castor oil for skin and hair. Not enough people know what a magic ingredient it is for both.
    Can I say I LOVE how spotless your stovetop/kitchen is, lol. And very wise to just turn off the comments section - I know a number of kick---- bloggers who do just that (Danielle La Porte, for one). They're just interested in putting out what they have to offer and know that if anyone wants to get in touch with them, they will.
    All and best, hun.
    Warmest regards, Eve