Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Perfect Farm Dress

Pictures as promised! I figured out how to take photos of myself with my camera. It involves carefully balancing my tripod on my bed, focusing on some object then pressing the timer button, a frantic scramble to get to the same distance away from the camera as the object I focused on, then hoping for the best... Luckily a few photos turned out quite well.

I love this dress. It is the 1940's green gingham dress I mentioned about a week ago. I didn't think it was going to fit when I bought it (I had planned on altering it) but it fits perfectly! The dress would be the perfect farm dress. It is quite sturdy and has such a country look to it. I can't wait until the warmer weather when I can wear it out, perhaps to an afternoon picnic in the park...

Another recent purchase is this lovely beret. I had been eying it all season, and it finally went on sale. I got it for $8! (It took a lot of work though. Every few weeks I went to the store and would have to hide it behind all the other hats. Then when I went back it was always moved to the front and I would move it to the back again. I realize that someone would have likely bought that hat at full price if it wasn't for me, but it was from Zellers and I have no guilt about cheating them out of a few dollars.) I think it was the bow on the front that caught my interest. It makes it seem prettier or more special some how. Oh and it is 100% wool so it should keep my head warm :)


Hat: Zellers

Vest and skirt: Smart Set
Shirt: Costa Blanca


  1. You have some really amazing looks there. Got that beret, blouse/vest and skirt combo nailed down.