Sunday, April 11, 2010

Results of the haircut

I took before pictures as proof that my hair actually is a lot shorter. It is still long but I cut at least 4 inches off the bottom and added some layering. I like it and am excited to see if it pin-curls any better. My hair actually has a lot more volume now without that excess weight. And it likes to fall slightly over one eye, so perfect for the Veronica Lake look I was trying to go for. Overall, not bad for 10 minutes in the bathroom with a pair of scissors.

It is a little hard to see the haircut in the pictures below due to the fact there isn't enough light in the apartment to use my web-cam for photos but I couldn't get all my hair in the picture with my SLR.
Before: Freakishly long, gross and only wearable if pinned up.

After: Still long but not freakishly so, with more layers.

My weekend craft project was this lovely ribbon holder. It was my BFF's idea (link to her blog --->) and is basically just a piece of ribbon strung though the middle of the ribbon spools and then tied to my desk shelf. It works quite well and is expandable as I get more ribbon.

That was basically all I did this weekend other than study for my Applied Math: Differential Equations course exam.

Anyone else listen to Max Raabe? I just discovered him a couple days ago but I love his rather tongue and cheek take on modern songs. His voice reminds me slightly of Rudy Vallee. Here are two of my favourite covers he's done: (first one because I like how it sounds, second one just because it makes me giggle)


  1. Glad the haircut turned out so well! You can really see the springyness coming back to it in the after pictures.

  2. Steve, you know nothing.

    It looks fabulous Kace. I cant wait to see it styled. Super healthy and the length is super cute.