Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cottage and Photo-shoot

On Saturday, my mother, grandmother and I all went up to the cottage for a few days. It was quite last minute but despite a lack of planning it was a lot of fun. There was a new antique store on the drive up. I am getting a lovely magazine from the 1920's for my birthday :) but I will have to wait until June to scan any of it (it's being hidden away until my actual birthday...).

Anyways, here is the outfit I wore on the way up. Not your average cottage wear but it was nice for the drive up there.

Today, my friend Britt came over for a little photo-shoot. My mom gave me some of her old lights for portrait photography so I wanted to experiment a little. Luckily for me, Britt was happy to volunteer to be my model. Here are a few of my favourite shots. (Sorry Britt for the last one but I love that picture!)


  1. HEY! I recognize that dress! You look PERFECT! YAY!!

  2. lol i love it!!! except the last one -_-'

  3. Your hair looks lovely

  4. Cute dress! Love the pics, that last one is classic! :D

    P.S.-I got my vintage frames from Ally N Scura. :)

  5. the pictures look so good <3