Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday Hats

Sorry my lack of posting for a while. I have had a terrible cold and been rather depressed about next term. After months of searching I am still without a place to live. My parents put in an offer on the perfect investment property (which I would have been able to rent from them. I wouldn't be getting it for free or anything but I would have had control and be able to decide who I was going to live with) but we wanted a home inspection so our offer was rejected. Oh well, I suppose it was for the best. But on a slightly cheerier note, I have been working on two new hat designs for the Christmas season!

The first hat is a called "Baby It's Cold Outside" and is for an adorable pillbox hat. The second is for a "Poinsettia Fascinator". They are both super easy patterns (the latter does not even require a sewing machine) and are designed with beginners in mind. This will be a limited run design as I'm only going to be selling this design until January. Britt was kind enough to model the designs for me (isn't she gorgeous?!). 

I'll hopefully be able to come up something interesting to post soon (I always feel slightly guilty promoting my store on here haha). 

That's All.


  1. I particularly like the second one, it suits you very well! Cute as a button.

  2. Adorable hats! Good luck in finding somewhere to live, it's very stressful I know.

    Miss P xx

  3. Your designs are so cute!! I'm currently searching for a place to live, too, so I feel your stress. It will work out!! xo

  4. I like the pillbox hat with the snowflake. The name "Baby it's cold outside" is cute. Is it from a Sinatra song?
    Have a colourful day!

  5. I love these hats!!!!! You're so talented :)

    Mabel Time

  6. What splendidly darling toppers! Hands down two of the cutest, most festively fabulous hats I've ever seen.

    Many thanks for your lovely blog comment today, sweet gal, I sincerely appreciate it and hope you're having a marvelous weekend.

    ♥ Jessica