Friday, March 22, 2013

New Boots

 I spent a lovely day today in Bobcaygeon with my mother and grandmother. We had a great time and did a good bit of shopping. My big purchase for the day was a pair of nice rubber boots. They are technically a birthday gift but I am getting them now so I can wear them in the spring (instead of waiting until June). They have a warm, fuzzy lining and a corset-like detail at the back. I plan on getting some satin ribbon to coordinate with my spring coat. I just had to go for a walk in the woods to try them out when we arrived home. Oh boy, was it chilly outside! 

That's All. 


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  2. That coat is BRILLIANT! The black scallop trim is so nice :D I love all of the birds in these photos so much, what a lovely place you live in! The last photo of the little bird eating out of your hand is magical :)

    1. Thanks! Although I must admit that the place I live in isn't really all that lovely. These photos were taken in a conservation area not far from my house which is almost completely surrounded by subdivisions and urban sprawl. It sure is a pretty little place though :)