Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thrifty Outfit

I've been busy this last week sewing quite a bit. I have some super cute stuff to put in the shop and I can't wait until I get a chance to photograph everything. The irony is with all the clothes I've been sewing, I haven't made anything for myself in ages! There is more than enough fabric in my personal stash, so I'm going to need to find time to try out a new 1940s blouse pattern.

I have however added a few items to my closet. My grandma was giving away a bunch of clothes so I scooped quite a few of them. Nothing vintage unfortunately, but a couple cute jackets and serviceable skirts. Today's outfit is consisted of nearly all gifted or repaired clothing. Other than the shoes and sunglasses, everything was either destined for the donation pile or in need of repair. I like to think that makes this basically a "free" outfit.   

I'm quite eco-conscious, so I love it when I can re-use and/or fix things. And being thrifty certainly helps the ol' bank account.

What have you re-purposed or fixed lately?

That's All.


  1. I love free clothes, and what a great thing to get some of your grandmother's clothes. I wish I had some of either of my grandmother's clothes, but they have both passed away, and no one at the time thought any of them were worth keeping because they were out of style. I recently did some repairs to a 1950s sweater.

  2. Free clothes are the best!!! I've adored receiving them ever since I was a little girl, when one of my mom's best friends (they've been friends since they were about six years old) who had two daughters that were both slightly older than me, would sometimes give my mom a big black garbage bag or two full of gently worn hand-me-downs from her girls. Some of my favourite childhood garments came from those bags, just as some of my favourite pieces as an adult have been gifts as well.

    Great outfit, honey - I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. lovely outfit. the tiger scarf totally hits the nail ...

  4. I think this counts as repurposing, but I am in the early stages of learning to sew, and I've just torn up a set of old sheets to make my first muslins with. Oh, and I was poking through my aunt's vintage sewing box, and she let me take a silver thimble that had belonged to her mother!

  5. My last cache of free clothes was for a sad reason; last summer I ended up with some lovely blouses, dresses, and jackets from my best friend's late sister's closet -- she liked the idea of friends wearing them.

    But as for repurposing, I'm in the early stages of learning to sew, and I've torn up some old sheets for my first muslins. Oh! And my aunt just gave me a silver thimble that had belonged to her mom.