Saturday, September 25, 2010

DIY Acorn Earrings

A couple days ago I read this post over at Tea with the Vintage Baroness . I couldn't seem to get the idea of making acorn earrings out of my head. Then, as I was walking to classes, I noticed an Oak tree with acorns around its base. I managed to pick up a few as discretly as possible (which involved sitting on the ground, pretending to be studying and slowly sneaking acorns into my bag. Not my proudest moment...).

Once home for the weekend, I devised an easy method to make earrings out of them. This could also work for making acorn pendants.

You will need:
-at least two acorns, roughly the same size
-2 earring hooks
-2 head pins
-wire cutters
-needle nose pliers
-round nose pliers (you could use needle nose pliers but your loops will not be as round)
-a glue gun

1) Pick two acorns. Gentlely remove the tops and clean the acorns with a damp piece of tissue.
2) With a pin (a sewing pin works well), puncture a hole in the acorn top, slightly off centre. Rock the pin back and forth a little to slightly enlarge the hole.

3) Push the head pin through the hole with the flat end on the inside of the acorn top.4) Grasp the pin about 5mm above the top of the acorn with the round nose pliers. Pull the pin around the pliers to form a loop.5) Cut off the excess pin, and use your needle nose pliers to fix the loop so it is fully closed.6) Apply a small dot of hot glue to the top of the acorn nut and reattach the acorn top and bottom. They should fit snuggly together. Let the glue dry for a minute or two.7) Get your earring hooks and open the bottom loop (sideways so as not to change the shape of the loop). Slip the acorns onto the hooks and close the loop (once again pliers are required for this). If you wanted to turn this into a pendant, instead of earring hooks, attach a jump ring using the same method.

And Tada! All finished!

Don't they look great? I wore mine today to the T.O. Clothing Show. (Sorry no proper pictures of my outfit but no one can figure out my camera! I had to resort to webcam photos.)

That's All.


  1. awesome!! I'll have to try this out! Lovely outfit, btw! Hope the T.O. show was fun.

  2. these look incredible!
    i am certainly going to give them ago and i will let you know how i get on xx

  3. Love love those acorn earrings! I adore fall acorns- lovely inspiration.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Halloween fun giveaway

  4. Ah wow I love these! Thank you for adding me to your blog list. :) x

  5. Well,,,,I had to Google this to see if anyone else was toying with the Acorn Earring Idea! And sure enough there you were!! I found out that there were different colors to choose from & not just the pain brown ones.. So I plan on using all the acorn colors! Lime green, white, dark brown,&black ones.. What I found out was that the bigger acorn tops are harder to find.. I'm also considering painting some!!& maybe dangle some small seed beads from the bottom and the top.. For Christmas time glitter and white paint for a Snow effect idea.. Happy Crafting to one & all!! Ellie ❤️


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