Monday, September 6, 2010

They hum because they don't know the words

Hello everyone. I am back at home for a few days before I move so I thought I would just write a quick blog post.

I had a great time at the cottage, well minus getting seriously ill half way through. Still no idea what caused my illness but I am all better now :) It did prevent the first trip to Bracebridge but we managed to get there on our way home. I bought some great items including these lovely blank greeting cards. They feature pictures by the artist Erte. I plan on framing them rather then sending them to anyone. Now if I could find some empty wall space...

Here is my Grandmother and I in Bracebridge (at last). The week started out extremely hot but by Sunday had gotten surprisingly like Autumn, hence the outfit thrown together with the only warm clothes I brought.

I took a LOT of pictures during the week, most of which I haven't gone through yet. I couldn't believe my good luck at taking this Hummingbird picture. He just sat down and started drinking off a leaf. (Bonus points to anyone who noticed the title of this post was borrowed from the last issue of Harrowsmith)

Speaking of farming, there is the ruins of an old farm on the road into my cottage. The stone foundation is crumbling into the earth and some of the farm equipment has just been left in the small field. It is one of my favourite spots.

And now I am back home, seeing my room look like this:
(It's because I'm packing...yes that's it... it doesn't always look this messy...)

And wishing I was back looking at this:

That's All.

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  1. maaan, totally miss your cottage/spooky island haha
    still remember the last time I was there watching fireworks from your dock and trying to think of ways to meet boys haha
    we were awesome