Sunday, June 12, 2011

All the Latest Steps: The Grand March

I know I promised this post over a week ago but life has gotten rather hectic. I'm right in the middle of midterms at the moment so posts may be rather sporadic over the next little while. My birthday is next Sunday so I might take a break for school work and do something worth a post then (although I'm too busy to go home for the weekend). 

This week's dance is The Grand March. This dance is technically a march, and is written for 16 couples (although it could be modified to work with less people). The Grand March appears to date from sometime around 1900 (perhaps earlier) and is traditionally done to old military or patriotic songs.

The Instructions:
(Click to enlarge)


I couldn't find any historical footage of the Grand March but here is a clip from 1998 of people in historical dress doing the grand march:


  1. It looks pretty simple... up until the end where it all gets rather complex with the spiral formation!

  2. I think I would require a lot of practice before I could remember what comes next! That, and diagram nine was like, "what?!"

  3. Oh, I forgot to say, "Happy Birthday!" Good luck with your midterms, too. Those are never fun!

  4. Yes I agree. It seems very simple at the beginning then is like "wait what?!" near the end haha.

    @Lauren Hairston: Thanks!