Saturday, December 3, 2011

Media Medley

One of the best things about loving old music is that a lot of it is in the public domain (and thus free). has a great selection of various media in the public domain (including movies and radio shows!). However, unless you are looking for something specific, it can be difficult to sort through everything and find the gems. I've been rather lacking blog inspiration lately so I thought I might start a series highlights great songs. Then I decided why limit it to songs? My "Media Medley" posts will feature a movie, radio program, and a couple songs :)

This weeks selections are:
Which Switch is the Switch, Miss, for Ipswich? This song is from 1915 and one of my all time favourite songs!
Piccolo Pete Perfomed by Stan Greening & His Orchestra this recording is from 1929.
Various Songs by Smith Ballew This small collections features 5 recordings by Smith Ballew. They are all great but "Just a Gigolo" is my favourite (it is such a sad song!).

Lady of Burlesque Stars Barbara Stanwyck as a burlesque dancer who becomes involved with a murder investigation after one of her fellow dancers is killed. Worth watching for some of the costumes alone!

Radio Show:
Casey, Crime Photographer This show ran from 1943 to 1955 and followed the adventures of Casey, a crime photographer for a newspaper (often paired with reporter Ann Williams). Great 30 minute episodes which are perfect to listen to while knitting!


  1. Oh! I love old radio shows. Awesome to listen to when doing dishes or crafting like you said. Thanks for the new one to listen to!

  2. Have added these to my "must see/listen" list, along with 1940's radio channel! X

  3. Thank you for recommending these! Like you said, it's kinda tough to slog through there unless you have something specific in mind, so I love hearing/seeing what gems others have found!!

  4. Thanks. I have bookmarked this, no more trawling google for me ;)

  5. What a great idea! Please do!

  6. Ooh! What a great selection, this Lady of Burlesque sounds perfect! xox

  7. LOVE Lady of Burlesque. Definitely worth the watch. Can't wait until it comes on TCM again.