Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two Last Minute Christmas DIY's

It is getting waaaaayyyy too close to Christmas. I have so much work left to do and am still not in the right frame of mind to really enjoy it. Actually I feel rather like Jacob Marley this year (yeah, the dead guy from a Christmas Carol...). Nevertheless I have been making some cute Christmas crafts I thought I would share with you. These two projects take very little time and would be a great last minute Christmas gift.

Holiday Earrings
You will need:
Two mini Christmas tree ornaments
Two earring hooks

Step 1) Remove the string from the ornaments, and attach the earring hooks through the loop. (You may need to attach a jump ring first depending on the direction of the loops). If your ornament does not have a premade loop, use a bit of thin wire to attach it to the earring hooks
Step 2) Wear them or give them as a gift

And for the knitters:
Mini Knitting Ornament
You will need:
A small amount of yarn (I used several colours)
Two toothpicks
Glue (I used plain old white glue)

This set of instructions is pretty flexible as the ornaments can be made bigger or smaller depending on your preference. I used a few different yarns to add stripes to mine.
Step 1) Cast on about 12 stitches onto US size 2 needles
Step 2) Knit for about 1 1/2"
Step 3) Cast on 5 or 6 stitches at the beginning of the next two rows
Step 4) Continue knitting until the sleeve measures about 1/2".
Step 5) Knit halfway across the next row. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail, and carefully slip the needles out.
Step 6) If you toothpicks have two pointy ends, cut one end off. Slip the tooth picks in where the needles were.
Step 7) Loop the yarn up then down again to the bottom of the mini sweater. Roll the remaining yarn into a ball.
Step 8) Secure with glue. Make sure to glue the stiches on both ends of each "needle", as well as the top and bottom of the loop. Apply a lot of glue to the back of the mini ball of yarn and stick to the bottom of the sweater. And that's it!

I hope you all enjoyed the tutorials today. I love coming up with cute projects, but I'm not really sure what types of projects you want to see. If you could take a moment to take the mini survey at the side of my blog --->
I would really appreciate it!

That's All.


  1. Oh, dear! Those knitting ornaments are just too cute!

  2. Ah! I may try that, the knitted ornament is just to good to pass up! Thank you! :)

  3. these are adorable, I want to make them for next year. thanks!

  4. You could stick a small bead at the end of the toothpicks to make them look more like little knitting needles too.