Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Scandinavian Cookbook

After a rather horrific house buying adventure (in the end nothing was purchased and it was much too complicated to explain here), I have been in need for some comfort food. I've been flipping through my cookbooks looking for inspiration, and possible Christmas food ideas, when I stumbled across this Scandinavian cookbook. It's from 1956 and belonged to my grandmother. Her grandparents were Norwegian and she was quite proud of her heritage. 

Below I've posted a few of the recipes that relate to Christmas. There are so many I want to try, but I haven't had a chance yet. If anyone makes these I would love to know how they turned out! 

(click to enlarge)

What are you baking for the holidays?

That's All.


  1. cakes baked today ...better late than never, the house smells wonderful.

  2. ooh! I love old cookbooks, just look at the designs on those pages! Thank you for posting these! xox

  3. That is amazing, I would love to have that book!
    For christmas im baking Saffransbröd(saffran bread) but I call them Lussebullar (from Lucia). And gingerbread, diffrent chocolatefudge, something called knäck, its sirup and almonts and sugar cooked together until it gets to hard candy. Lovely!
    I will also try to do some norwegian stuff, becouse my fiance is norwegian! But mostly it is swedish cooking going on in the kitchen!
    You can se my blog, were I have alot of norwegian and swedish recepies, its in Norwegian but you could probobly translate it!

  4. I collect vintage cookbooks. Unfortunately I don't have any truly wonderful international ones like this. :( Its fantastic!

  5. I haven't seen this one before. I actually have the German one in the same series. Love the recipes, but I leave out the MSG! It's too funny to see it as an ingredient in old cookbooks.

    I just love the illustrations! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ooooohhh, I adore the old Culinary Arts Cookbooks and have a few of them myself. I've got this one on my list of others to pick up - especially now since you've shared some of the wonderfully inviting recipes this volume houses.

    Heartfelt thanks for your caring well wishes regarding my broken foot, sweet dear, I sincerely appreciate it.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. lovely! I have just finished baking and decorating some gingerbread men!! :)
    May x