Saturday, February 6, 2010

Farmers Market?

So this morning I got up early, got dressed, did my hair and makeup, and headed out the door to catch the bus. After a long, cold walk to the bus stop, I waited for a few minutes for the bus to arrive. I was so excited, since this was to be my first trip to the farmers market since moving back to Waterloo. I was to meet my friend at the mall and we would catch the other bus from there together. And he never showed up.

I waited for about an hour until I got frustrated and left. He tells me he got on the right bus but going in the wrong direction. So no farmers market for me this week. :( Maybe next weekend...

Oh well. Here are some pictures I took of my outfit anyways. I wanted to buy some vintage style dresses at this cute little booth (at the farmers market) that sells a lot of rockabilly clothing so I wore a skirt I could wear my new crinoline under. I actually made the skirt based on some instructions in my mom's Home Ec. text book "Homemakers of Tomorrow". I believe it was published around 1954 but I could be off my a year or two. I ended up totally messing up the waist band (hence the reason the tie is at the side and the waist is actually much too large for me) but that's what I get for sewing without an actual pattern and trying to rush through it.

Skirt: Made by me :)
Scarf: Thrifted (I got it for a dollar but I am sure it's 100% silk)
Sweater: Costa Blanca
Tank top: Smart Set
Shoes: Winners
Hair Flower: Also made by me :)

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