Thursday, February 4, 2010

My First Crinoline!!!!

Upon arriving home from class today, I opened my door to find a small package between the doors. At first I thought it was the book I had ordered since it looked a little small, but after a closer inspection I realized it was the crinoline I had bought online last week.

I was disappointed since the package looked so small and I figured that it must be a lot smaller than it looked on the website. When I opened the package I was pleasantly surprised (not to mention amazed at how something so poofy fit into such a tiny package...). After trying it on under some of my skirts and dresses I can now officially say I'm in love. It makes everything look so much more fun. See what a difference it makes? (Sorry for the bad photo but my camera doesn't auto-focus and my web-cam hates me).

I bought it from Hey Viv Vintage and they come in 4 different colours. I kinda wanted the red one for Valentines day but I went with black since it will work with more of my clothing.

Now I just have to buy some more 1950's style dresses to wear it under...

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