Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ok not what I was planning but who really cares?

So I was going to post about something else but something is screwy with my internet right now. Instead I am posting this clip from the show Torchwood. I think it is one of the most romantic moments on television, even if it is a little corny.

The basic plotline is that two members of the Torchwood team (a secret force that fights aliens that come through a tear in the fabric of space and time that they call "The Rift". See what I mean about a little corny?) have somehow been transported back to WW2. Captain Jack then meets with the real Captain Jack whose identity he stole when he came to earth from the future. He knows the real Jack is going to die the next day but they develop feelings for each other. Of course it's the 1940's and being gay isn't something to be too open about. Jack finally lets his feelings guide him and the Jacks have a last dance before a hole in the space-time continuum is opened and the Torchwood team members can return home. Confused yet? Even if you don't quite get it, you must admit it's quite a touching scene. Warning to those of you who are close minded and don't like guy on guy action. Torchwood is a show where conventional sexual boundaries are often crossed. Its actually pretty badly written sometimes but I still love it.

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