Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day Tea Party

Here's some photos from my Valentines Day Tea party. :)

Notice how I am the only one who got dressed up?
The Menu:
-Lemon Strawberry Squares (from scratch)
-Vanilla Cupcakes (almost from scratch)
-Mini Biscotti (not from scratch but still tasty)
The Tea:
-Vanilla Strawberry Rose tea
-Sugar Cubes (including some hand decorated ones I got as a Christmas gift)
-Milk (instead of cream since with all the other goodies I figured we should try and be a little healthy)
The Table Setting:
-An antique lace table cloth over top of a pale rose pink table cloth
-My moms Royal Doulton teacups, saucers and plates (with a paper doily between the saucer and place)
-My white teapot and creamer
-Pink flowers from the farmers market ($10 for all of them including the pink roses!) in decorated jars (actually spaghetti sauce jars that I revamped)
-Biscotti wrapped with a paper doily and with a pink gift tag (with the guests name on it) attached with pink embroidery floss
The Decorations:
-Silhouettes I made with my face on them
-Some red heart shaped balloons my Grandma bought for me
-A book on roses
-The pink cards are actually Victorian Parlor games I wrote out in case we got bored
-More paper doilies!
The Outfit:
-Dress from Smart Set
-Crinoline from Hey Viv (see previous post)
-Black pantyhose from Giant Tiger
-Necklace made by me (go figure!)
My hair was done with hot rollers :)

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