Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gorgeous Gingham

So I may have made the stupidest purchase ever. I bought the most beautiful yellow gingham duvet cover I have ever seen... that is the wrong size and doesn't match anything else I own. Oh well. I will just have to save it until I can get a new comforter to put inside it and until I have enough money to buy new accessories to match it (since everything I have now for my bedroom has red in it). But I just couldn't leave it. It was the last one left and I was worried if I didn't get it now I would never see one as perfect ever again.
Gingham is my new favourite pattern and although I used to hate yellow I am starting to love some of the softer creamier shades that remind me of fresh churned butter. It will look so perfect in my farmhouse. Imagine, a sunny yellow comforter, creamy off-white walls, a warm creamy white wool rug underfoot, the early morning light flooding in through the open window covered with sheer white curtains..... ahhh..... I feel happy already.

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