Monday, April 29, 2013

Trousers, Shirt, Vest, Tie

Well it has been another hectic week of property searching. We still haven't found anything. Although we did find a really run-down old house that was built in the mid-1800's. It must have been lovely at one time but it was a wreck. And by wreck I mean it had no floors (you could literally see directly into the basement from where the first floor should have been) and you could also see outside through the gaps in the walls. The roof was sagging too. We might actually have considered it as a summer get-away project if we hadn't discovered the island it is on is slated to have over 30 windturbines put up, some of which will be almost right next door. I'm a little concerned about the health effects of anything that hasn't been proven safe, so we must continue our search elsewhere. I must admit, I'm getting awfully tired of being in a car for 10 hours every other day while looking for property. 

It has still been pretty cool most days, so my outfits have been more or less the same. Wide leg trousers, shirt, vest, tie. 

Close up of my favourite tie. It's vintage-ish and 100% silk.
I wear it most days although I do have several other ties. 

That's All.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Peter Pan Party Frock (1920's)

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Yikes!  Where has the time gone? I was absolutely shocked when I looked at a calender today. 

So just what have I been up to? Well property hunting mainly. I just got back from a trip to Kingston/Brockville to explore the area and look at a few places. We haven't found anything yet but fingers crossed we do soon.
The barn on one of the properties. It was a lovely property but needed a lot of work. And by a "lot of work"
I mean it needed a house.... and maybe a driveway so that you could actually get to the house (rather
than walking for 10 minutes up a small path.)

I have also been doing my usual cooking and baking. I just finished baking an apple pie (I bought a fancy apple peeler/corer/slicer and just had to try it out!). I've also been making a lot of vegetarian soups.
Carrot, Parsnip, and White Bean soup

My little garden is starting to come together. This year I'm planting mint, catnip, swiss chard, and a few different lettuces. Those were partly chosen as they will all be harvested before we move.
I know, it looks like a bunch of sticks in the ground and weeds.  But those sticks are the beginning of a fence to
 keep out  the (evil) squirrels that will dig up just about anything.  Not eat, just dig up. And I am allowing the weeds
 to be there.  It is my first experiment with permaculture gardening. 

I also just completed my first ball of "real" yarn! I've been experimenting with spinning my own yarn and have finally got the technique down. At the moment I am just using a drop spindle, but my dad may built me a spinning wheel for my birthday if he buys a new saw. I dyed the yarn with Kool-Aid and it came out as a soft purple, which I am calling "purple heather". The photos don't really show the true colour, but it is gorgeous in person! It's going to be socks. 
The yarn drying in my room. I had to rewash it afterwards to get some of the kinks out
since it didn't have enough tension on it while drying. 

That's All.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Marcel Waves

I have finally posted another YouTube video!

While I like my new webcam, I think the clarity is a little too good. I had to re-film this video after a technical glitch, and re-waving my hair caused a fair number of fly-aways. Note to self: buy more pomade! Nevertheless, I think it turned out pretty good in the end. Let me know if you have any suggestions/requests for more videos. 

That's All.