Friday, February 3, 2017

1920's Valentines Day Inspiration

While my plans for Valentines day involve sitting at home with my cat watching Columbo, I must admit a certain love of the occasion. I don't know that I've ever spent the day with a romantic date. Instead, I always think of it as a way to remind people close to us how much we care. My best friends always get a homemade card and I've held Valentines Day tea-parties in previous years. 

This year, my health doesn't permit any big plans, but I may have to get dressed up (even if Aggie is the only one who sees it!). While looking for inspiration, I came across these adorable 1920's Valentine costumes! The illustrations are from a couple of Dennison's books, and the costumes would have been made from (usually crepe) paper. Wouldn't it be amazing to go to a Valentines Day party with everyone in such costumes?! 

I've actually made myself a headband to resemble the one above-left. With just a few scraps of felt and a piece of red ribbon, it was super simple and an inexpensive way to add a bit of Valentines flare to my wardrobe.

The tablescapes below make me wish I could have a tea-party again this year! Aren't they fun?

If you wish to peruse the original publications, I've embedded a copy below. There are some really fun sounding party games, as well as ideas for other Spring holidays (such as Easter, St. Patrick's Day, May Day, etc) 

That's All.