Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Autumn Colours

Whew! It's been an exhausting couple of weeks! Between a quick trip to the cottage to check out the autumn colour, birthdays, weddings, doctors visits, video filming, plus a whole lot of other things, I am utterly shattered. I've luckily managed to schedule myself a couple slower days to rest up. (The sofa and I are going to be spending some quality time together!) However, I still have a bunch of editing to get done on Britt's wedding video so I can be idle but productive at the same time. 

Speaking of being productive, I recently finished another "3-hour sweater". This is my 5th time using this pattern and this time I've modified it into a cardigan. I love this sweater so much! The yarn I used has a subtle copper shimmery fiber running throughout it, which I've complemented with a very shimmery copper yarn along the yoke. 

For my regular weekly coffee with Britt, I wore my new sweater with a pair of high-waisted trousers (from an Etsy shop that sadly no longer exists), brown brogues, and a brown tank top. The necklace I'm wearing is actually made from petrified wood (i.e. fossilized tree remains). Isn't that cool?! 

Yes, I'm wearing camo unicorn socks with my brogues... They were a present from Britt and her new husband Tommy (he was in the military, hence the camo was fitting). 

On a completely unrelated note, after receiving a rather large unexpected bill, I feel the need to warn others against using FedEx. I ordered some makeup-making supplies over a month ago, and while I love the supplies, my experience with the shipping was awful. Firstly, FedEx claimed they couldn't find my house and that I had provided them with the wrong address (we literally saw them drive right in front of the house). Then a month after receiving my package, I was sent a bill for $45. I had already paid almost $30 in shipping initially and was not expecting this wallop at all! I understand paying custom fees, but the duty on the parcel was $0.27 plus taxes around $12. The rest of the fees were from FedEx and seem to be standard for them to charge. Having never shipped with them before, I had no idea there were all these extra "standard" fees that were not mentioned initially and would be later charged. The package was a small one and all these extra charges are costing me more than the actual package was worth! I contacted FedEx but they basically shrugged and said if the customs fees were calculated wrong they see what they could do but the other fees were just the way it is. Long story short: when ordering online, check who is shipping the package. I order online all the time and have never had such an awful experience with any other postal service. 
Ok, rant over. Let's take a deep breath and look at the pretty leaves... ⇑

To end on a happier note, here is the video I filmed with Britt in case you haven't seen it. We went on a day-trip to visit an antique carousel, plus wandered around a cute small town. 

Well, I feel I should write more as I definitely have more news and things to share, but that will have to do for now. As I said before, I'm exhausted!

That's All.