Thursday, September 21, 2017


Last weekend was the wedding of my best friend, Britt, and I was a bridesmaid! When it came to picking out the bridesmaid dresses, I offered my sewing services to create us something one-of-a-kind. There were a few design ideas kicked around, but in the end we decided to go with this design inspired by a 1919 Vionnet dress. Britt's colour scheme was shades of blue, so we went with a royal blue material with black hems+belt. I love this dress so much!! I am going to be making a few for the shop (in different material), since it's just such a pretty and flattering style.

I'll post more about the wedding once we get the official photos back, but for now here are some photos I took of the dress after the wedding. I tried really hard to smile in the photos but I was pretty exhausted by that point. It was a lovely but very long day. Time to sleep for a week!

 That's All.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Almost Autumn

Hello everyone! Long time no see. Last month was not the best health month for me and I haven't been around the ol' interwebs as much as normal. Just the last couple days have been a bit better energy-wise, so I'm enjoying it while I can. My best friend's wedding is coming up soon and I'm certain I will absolutely shattered after that! 

I just passed my final driving test and am now a fully licensed driver! (Ontario has a graduated license system meaning you have to take a written test plus two different driving tests over a few years before you are fully licensed. I've technically been able to drive for many years, just not alone on some of the major highways). To celebrate, my parents took me to Cobourg. It was a lovely afternoon of driving in the beautiful countryside and sipping lattes in a quirky independent coffee shop. 

I haven't dressed up in ages. When I'm not feeling well, dressing up is just too much effort and thus doesn't happen. But I don't feel like myself in normal clothes, so I took the opportunity today to put on something vintage-inspired. I wore my me-made grey-wool skirt, hand-knitted 3-hour sweater plus a matching hat from a 1930's pattern, and a necklace/earring set I made a few years ago. I also brought along a shawl (which you can see off to the side in the photos) as it was a touch cool out when we left.  

I am so happy autumn is soon arriving. Bring on the wool and knitwear!!!!! I've just cast on yet another 3-hour sweater (this makes #5), because I may have gone to the yarn store after passing my test and may have been overwhelmed by the yarn fumes and may have succumb to buying even more yarn... Celebratory yarn purchases are hard to resist! Even though I have zero need for more yarn, I bought enough for 2 more 3-hour sweaters. One will be in autumnal shades of brown and copper, with the other one in wintery shades of blue, grey, and silver. Did I mention I already have several other projects on the needles that I have yet to finish? I think I may have a problem. (The problem is not enough time and not enough yarn, obviously­čśë)

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!

That's All.