Sunday, February 20, 2022

A 2022 Valentines Day

Um, hello. It's been nearly 4 years since I've posted over here. I moved most of my posting over to Instagram for personal-stuff, plus of course my YouTube channel (and corresponding Patreon account) for more educational/informational content. However, lately I've been missing blogging. 

I never really liked Instagram, as it lacked the depth that I feel blogs used to have. It is, however, easier and that's where many of my old blogging friends "moved" to. But as reels have taken over, I've become even less entranced with the platform and longing for the old blogging days. There seemed more of a community feel and a genuine share of information. It also had a much slower, more relaxed pace which I sorely miss. 

I never officially "ended" my blog as I thought one day I might be back. And I am! I can't promise that I will post with any regularity. I suspect I'm the only one who will still be reading it anyways. But I will post when I'm in the mood. I won't worry about numbers. No one else needs to read it. While I do miss the social aspect, I'm fine with posting this as a journal just for myself if no one is interested in reading anymore. 

If you do follow my Instagram you will likely see a couple of these photos I took for Valentines day posted there as well. (I haven't totally given up on that platform yet but we will see...) 

My little toothless Valentine, Aggie, graciously posed for one photo before trying to claw my face off. She loves being the center of attention but only on her terms! 

Haha, I was so tired when I was taking these photos and you can probably tell! The harsh lighting did not help matters! Even if I wasn't at my sparkling best, I did love having a chance to don my newest loungewear piece. This pink nightgown is a new-to-me vintage one. It was "borrowed" from my mother's closet (she's never even worn it in the 40 years she's had it!). Mine now.  

The belt and heart necklace are also vintage. I'm not quite sure where they came from, as I know I didn't buy them. They were either inherited or gifted from a family member who didn't want them anymore. Or were left by the elves. I really haven't a clue from whence they came. 

Well that's it for now. No promises going forward, but it felt good to chat again. 

See you sometime.