Thursday, April 28, 2011

Movie Night Outfit

It might be a while until my next post. This weekend I am moving into my new place and I start school next week. The worst part about doing a university co-op program is a tie between moving every 4 months and having to be in school during the summer.

I did manage to get out with some friends and see a movie this week. We went to see Water for Elephants. It was alright but I had hoped it would be better. I knew all of the 1920's/30's songs in the movie though. I was proud :P

Anyways, here are some rather blurry pictures of my outfit:

Outfit Details:
Top: Smartset
Skirt: Made by me using my simple skirt tutorial
Earrings: Also made by me.

My hair was curled and pinned up in a faux bob

That's All.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I've never been a big Easter person, but this year I felt like getting all dressed up, including an Easter Hat and some white gloves. In the last few days the temperature has gone from being -1C to about 15C which means I can finally wear spring clothing! Yay!


Outfit Details:
1950's Dress: Christmas gift
Sweater: Reitmans
Gloves: From an antique store
Hat: Made by me (same hat as I wore for Halloween but with some flowers attached to the silk scarf)
Shoes: Bigleys

That's All.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tonics, Powders, and Compounds

During a renovation a few years ago the cistern was removed from the basement. When my father started to remove the walls, he discovered that over the years people had thrown their garbage in it. As a result I know have a lovely little bottle collection. Here are some of my favourites that still have their labels:

And my personal favourite:

That's All.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My First Sweater!!!

I finished my very first sweater a few days ago and wore it to work yesterday. It isn't the best sweater (I re-sized it too big!) but I am super proud of it!

It is from a vintage pattern and I did it as part of the Briar Rose Knit-a-long over at By Gum, By Golly. I decided that it looked better on me with an open neckline so I didn't bother to attach the buttons to the front. Now on to another knitting project!

That's All.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Old Photos, Books, and an Award!

The last few weeks have been decidedly boring. I get up, go to work, come home, go to sleep and that is basically my day. But I have managed to get out a bit on weekends and do some antiquing.

I checked out what was advertised as Eastern Ontario's largest antique mall. I found it rather disappointing. The overall quality was poor, however I did find a few old photos to "adopt". I always feel so sad when I see photos of unknown people whose families have forgotten them or died out. I had to buy a few, but I have had to place them on my bookcase so they don't stare at me while I'm sleeping (I love the photos but the idea of dead people staring at me while I sleep seriously creeps me out!)

I also went to the Kirby Church book sale. It is a small, old church just outside of Orono. They are trying to raise money to move it to the museum site and have started selling used books again on Saturdays. Paperbacks are only 50 cents and hardcovers are a dollar. I may have bought a few books.....

I have also a bought two other books at antique stores over the last week. One is a 1920's dancing guide and the other is a 1947 needle-working book. I highly recommend trying to get a copy of the needle working book. It is great for both beginners and for more advanced needlecrafters, and has a great range of project ideas!

In other news, I have been kindly given an award from The Paper Doll Says "Let's Have Tea!". Thank you so much! I think I am supposed to pass it on to some great blogs with less than 300 followers, so I am passing this onto:

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So feel free to pass this award on if you want to!

That's All.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

DIY 1920's Inspired Dress

Spring weather is almost here and summer is just around the corner. It is time to start wardrobe planning for the warmer months ahead. Here is a (hopefully!) simple tutorial for a 1920's inspired dress.

I love the 1920's but clothing from the 1920's comes with a hefty price tag and if often too delicate to wear. This dress is very basic but gives a 1920's look using a minimum of fabric. It looks best when done in a light sheer or silky material. (The pink version of this dress was created with a sheer fabric that already had a ruffle along the bottom)

1920's Inspired Dress

You will need:

-a couple meters of fabric (2 meters should do it but you may need more or less depending on your measurements)


-pattern pieces for armhole facings (you could make your own but using some from an existing pattern is easiest. I used some from a 1960’s dress pattern)

-about 1 meter of trim for the bottom of the dress (if desired)

Note: All seam allowances are 5/8” unless otherwise stated. Most of my seams were also finished with pinking sheers.

1) Cut out two armhole facings and two large rectangles. The rectangles should be half the width of the widest part of your body plus 2 inches (I made mine 22” wide since my hips are about a 40”) and the length should be 2 or 3 inches longer then the desired length of your dress.

2) Decide what type of neckline you would like (I did a square neckline for my dress). Cut out a facing for the neckline (as shown in the diagram below) and sew right sides together to the top-center of one of the rectangles. 3) Cut out the excess material on the top of the rectangle. Turn the facing inside the dress then stitch in place to finish the neck of the dress. You should stitch very close to the edge of the neckline.

4) With right sides together, stitch the top of the two rectangles together. Press the seam open and stitch along the back part of the neck opening. Stitch very close to the edge like you did for the front of the neckline.

5) With right sides together, sew the sides of the rectangles together leaving a 2 inch gap at the top.

6) Sew your armhole facings according to the original patterns instructions (this will likely be only one seam joining the short edges to make a circle). With dress right side out, pin the armhole facings to the dress. It may take a bit of time to correctly position them on the rectangle.
7) Cut out some of the extra fabric on the inside of the armhole and sew the facings to the dress. The stitch line is shown in red in the below picture. Turn facings to the inside of the dress and stitch in place (as was done for the neckline).
8) Hem the bottom of the dress as required. Attach the trim if you are using any. This dress would look great with some beaded trim around the bottom (I looked everywhere for some but I couldn't find any in my price range!).

9) Cut strip of fabric about 3 ½ “ wide and 5 inches longer than your hip measurement. Use a zigzag stitch to finish the edges. This will be your waist tie. When wearing your dress, simply tie this around your hips to give the effect of a 20's style dropped waist.

And voila! You know have your very own 1920's style dress. Here are some more pictures of my two dresses:

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for tutorials you would like to see!

That's All.