Thursday, May 10, 2018

1923 Jumper and Proper Undergarments (or lack there of...)

Outfits have been ... um.... "interesting" this month. Our washing machine broke about a month and a half ago and the replacement machine arrived damaged. It has taken over a month to get a replacement (argh!), so my outfits have gotten more "creative" as the month has gone by...

However, I just finished knitting myself a new sweater so at least I managed one cute outfit this week! This sweater was from a 1923 pattern and knit in one of the softest yarns I have ever felt. It's glorious. I paired it with a me-made skirt and a pair of 1920's style heels. 

At a risk of TMI: I'm not wearing a bra with this sweater and wow does it make a difference! Instead of wearing a modern bra, I just wore a fitted cami underneath the sweater. The change in silhouette is major and the sweater looks a lot more flattering. If you can avoid wearing a bra (or wear something more compressing like a sports-bra), it makes 1920's clothing fit much better! I'm surprised it took me so long to figure this out since I was already aware of how undergarments do have a major impact on how clothing fits. Vintage/antique style undergarments are shaped very differently and very much alter the final silhouette of a look.

Here is the original pattern illustration:

Nothing much else new to report. I've spent most of the last month going to doctors appointments, which have all turned out fairly well. I'm starting some new supplements and medications to hopefully further improve my health, but I have already seen slight improvements with some of the changes I've already made. I've also made a lot of soap. Soap making is fun.

Overall, things have been pretty good. I'm finally starting to make some slow but steady progress on a number of life fronts, and am hopeful about this continuing. I may even finally be able to get my Etsy shop whipped back into shape! (Oh my poor little neglected shop...)  

I hope everyone is having a good week,

That's All.