Thursday, January 26, 2012

Latest Antique Store Finds

I went antiquing today for the first time in ages! I saw a lot of pretty things, but I have been trying to only buy what I need (this has been moderately successful...). I'm saving up so I can hopefully take a course in Small Business and Entrepreneurship after I finish my Bachelors in Mathematics. So much school requires waaayyy too much money :(

Anyways, here is what I bought:

A reprint of a 1960's ettiquette book. It was only $2 so I snapped it up. (Technically this was purchased from the nearby discount book store, not the antique store).
I needed a box to store my growing collection of antique jewelry. I have been looking for a box for a while, so I was quite pleased when I found this one. It was a good price and has a velvet lining. (It looks better in real-life than in the pictures...)

This last purchase I was really excited about. I found these two handknit sweaters for only $6 each. I measured and knew they would fit. Well turns out I forgot to measure the neckline on the pink one. My head is too big. So at the moment I can't actually get that one on... I may try slicing a slit up the back of the neck and adding a button. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Overall I've very happy with my purchases and it was a lovely afternoon out. Now I get to spend all night doing school work.... yippee...

That's All.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Foam Roller Set

Hello everyone! Not much to report here. I'm still sick and basically do nothing but school work. I did however finish editing another YouTube video. This is my first in a series of "basics" videos, which deal with the fundamental techniques needed for creating "vintage" hair (with an emphasis on long hair as always. Sorry to the short haired gals. I haven't had short hair since I was little so I don't have much experience styling it)

This video deals with setting hair in foam rollers. I do tend to put a bit more info in the descirption bar on the actual video, so check that out if you are interested!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

That's All.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Holiday Outfit

Not much to share this week. I've been feeling really rather ill and haven't had time to rest and get better since I have so many assignments due already. However I discovered an outfit photo on my camera from around Christmas that I had forgotten to share.

This outfit I wore when my dad's side of the family came over to celebrate Christmas (which was actually a few days after Christmas day). I didn't think the photos turned out since they arrived much too early and I only had time to take 2 photos! Normally I take about 20 and narrow it down to one, so I had assumed the outfit photos didn't turn out.

I made both the top and the skirt. The top is from a reprint of a 1930's pattern and the skirt was from a basic pencil skirt pattern I altered to give it a more 1930's look. I loved this outfit, but if I made the blouse again I would do it out of a less slippery material. I spent the whole evening worrying I was going to accidently expose a lot more than would be appropriate for a family gathering!

That's All.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Mini Vanity Table

About two weeks ago I moved into a new place for the term. The only good thing about moving every 4 months is I get to redecorate a new room. This of course presents a lot of challenges in terms of not being able to physically alter anything (like paint colours) and being limited in the amount of stuff I can bring with me. 

One thing I always try to have is a vanity table. This may sound sort of frivolous but with 3 girls sharing one bathroom I need somewhere in my room where I can do my hair and makeup in the morning. I would love to have a real vanity table but that would be too difficult to transport and there isn't enough space in my room for one anyways. Instead I always create a "mini vanity table". The basic setup includes a small folding table, a small stool, a mirror, and a light. Here is how I set it up: 

This is my "mini-vanity" table. I have it located between my closet and my dresser. I use a drawer in the dresser to store my less frequently used products and my hair stuff, but more on that later. The table cloth I custom made to fit the table and I used a bit of vintage lace around the edges. 
Here is a closer view of the vanity. I have attached an old spice rack to the wall with a removable hook (which I tried to cover with a flower since plastic hooks are not the most attractive things). 
I have an antique powder container for my face powder, and the bottle was a gift that I use for my homemade perfume.  My brushes are in a tea box that I liked the look of. Ideally I would have a separate container for my makeup brushes but I forgot the one I was going to bring so everything is in one box at the moment. 
Closeup of the spice-rack. I use it to store my various oils and other frequently used products.
The two drawers hold cotton-balls and cotton-swabs. 
I use natural makeup on a daily basis, but I do use "normal" makeup when I'm going out . My "normal" makeup I keep in an old jewelry box. 

And this is the top of the dresser located beside my vanity. It holds my jewelry and most of my hair stuff. 
Closeup on my three-tiered tray of hair stuff. I love this thing!

And that's it! I love sitting there getting ready in the morning. It always puts me in a better mood when I take the time to properly get ready. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Media Medley

I bought the most amazing hat on Thursday which I was planning to share with all of you. Unfortunately I woke up yesterday with a massive cold and it refuses to go away! (I was supposed to go for coffee with a rather dapper young gentleman today but that had to be cancelled. I do not enjoy being sick!) So, since I've been watching old movies all day, I've decided it's time for another Media Medley post!

I couldn't find an appropriate picture in my file of magazine scans (I really need to scan more of
my collection...). But since I can't have a post without a picture, here is a random image of soup. 

For those of you who missed my last "Media Medley" post, I basically share some of my favourite songs, radio programs, and movies that are in the public domain. So on with this weeks selections:

Say Arabella by Billy Murray - This is one of my favourite songs at the moment. I am really loving Billy Murray's recordings, and this is one of his best. It's from 1925.
Vera Lynn Collection - For those Vera fans out there, there are a bunch of her recording available. This is just one of the many collections available of hers in the public domain. 
The Freckle Song - Not sure of the date on this one, but it amuses me. I do love novelty songs.

The Kennel Murder Case - I actually watched this one on TV so I'm not sure how the quality is, but I do know it's a good movie. It's a Philo Vance mystery, starring William Powell and Mary Astor.
Kitty from Kansas City - Not the best picture quality, but it has Betty Boop AND Rudy Vallee so I had to share. Just as bizarre as most Betty Boop cartoons (technically she is referred to a Kitty in this cartoon, but she looks like Betty, sounds like Betty and it was made by the same people so I'm calling her Betty).  

Radio Show:
Phillip Marlowe - This is an obvious choice, but it is my all time favourite radio show (I love the novels as well) so I thought I should share with anyone who hasn't heard of this series. Phillip Marlowe is a hard-boiled detective, and while the plot lines are rather predictable (he almost always gets beat up at some point, and there is ALWAYS a pretty dame involved) I always find myself thoroughly enjoying each episode.

I would love to hear your suggestions of great things to watch/listen to!

That's All.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New video (and MIA for a while...)

Just to let you know I might be MIA for a while. I just moved into a new place and started another term of school. So far it's not going as smoothly as hoped, and my profs have decided to give us extra work and extra lectures to start the term. Yay....

Anyways, I did manage to post another Youtube video last night. This one is for an Edwardian girls hairstyle. I always provide more details in the video description, so if you want more info check there. If anyone has any suggestions for more styles they would like to see let me know! I have plans to do a couple "basics" videos on things like rag-curling as soon as I get time.

(PS: so far I am not liking 2012... hopefully it gets better...)