Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Holidays

Hey everyone! Long time, no blog.

I suppose that's mainly due to the fact I haven't really had much to blog about. I wore myself into the ground trying to get ready for Christmas (Christmas is over, and I actually still haven't finished some gifts!) and didn't have time for many fun adventures during the month of December. Also, the weather has been too cold to take outfit photos outside and there is just no suitable location inside my home for outfit shots. No outfit shots + no adventures = nothing to blog about :(

I've been fairly active over on youtube recently, which I must admit is currently my medium of choice for computer stuff. With some of my health issues, reading can be difficult (I can have problems focusing both my eyes and my mind when I get over-tired). Videos can be watched while knitting and seem to take less mental effort to consume, so I've been spending a lot of my online time over there. 

I'm by no means done blogging! I just haven't much to say at the moment, so blog posts might be less frequent for a while. However, videos on my youtube channel are now going to be posted every Thursday (plus a new vintage perfume DIY video the second Monday of each month).

For now, here are a few photos from the holiday season:

My Christmas morning outfit (a gift from my bestie):

I had to cat-proof the Christmas tree this year, so it was a small tree decorated with unbreakable ornaments (rather than the beautiful vintage glass ones I normally use). To make it special, I took old family Christmas photos and printed them on printable fabric. I then sewed them into cute little ornaments (which Aggie did end up throwing all over the room...). 

Santa Claws:

My paper winter village also had to be cat-proofed. It was on the mantle last year, but Catzilla ravaged the village pretty badly. This year, it was safely tucked on some shelves.

I added some new pieces this year, including a few airplanes, cars, and more people (all from vintage printables).

To help with those New Years resolutions, here is a healthy vintage "candy" recipe: 

I started this year off with two hairstyles on my best friend, Britt (who was home for the holidays!). One was a failure and one a success:

Hope everyone is having a good year so far!

That's All.