Thursday, November 27, 2014

Nature Walk

I love going for walks in conservation areas. A couple weeks ago Britt and I went for a walk at one nearby that has a ton of animals. People feed the birds so everything is very tame. I tend prefer more "wild" areas, but Britt is a sucker for cute chipmunks so we made a trip there just before the weather turned. We didn't see many chipmunks, but there were a ton of blue jays, chubby squirrels, and very bold wild turkeys. 

 I actually didn't use the camera zoom for these turkey photos. Yes, we were that close!

 Britt dressed casually and practically for our walk. I decided to be silly and dress up in a nature inspired outfit. At least my shoes were practical.

Outfit Details:
Dress and belt -Made by me
Boots- Ariat Riding Boots
Hair Ornament- from the Christmas floral section at Michaels

Now that there is suddenly snow on the ground, it is much less conducive to nature walks. However, I'm trying to make an effort to get out more often regardless of the weather. I'm going to need boots with a better tread through. My riding boots are a great practical boot, but they don't have good tread for winter. 

That's All

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Home-made Coiffure Decorations (1911)

(Open images in new tab to view larger)

Aren't these pretty? I've been extremely busy crafting Christmas gifts for everyone, but if I get a chance I may have to make one of these for myself to wear during the holidays. 

That's All.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Work "Uniform"

These photos show one variation of the outfit I wear most days. Bright tights (with matching hair flower of course), comfy skirt, and top. This has become my work "uniform" lately. It looks nice, is relatively practical, and super comfy so it fit my criteria for a tutoring outfit.

As you will notice in these pictures, I put a red streak in my hair. While I liked the hair-chalk, I wanted to try something less messy. I know I'm allergic to most hair dyes, but thought maybe I would be ok with a temporary dye. Nope.  It's a shame because I really liked the red. I did one large streak, then some more subtle streaks throughout the rest of my hair. Anyone have an suggestions for natural yet non-permanent hair dye? I'm starting to think such a thing doesn't exist. 

With winter fast approaching, my work "uniform" is going to need to change. I'm thinking of getting some warmer tights and wearing a sweater on top. While dressing up is always fun, it's great to have an easy "no-thought-required" outfit for when I only have 5 minutes to get ready. 

That's All.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


I hope everyone had a great Halloween! This month has been rather exhausting for me, but it was great to kick up my feet and spend a night with my bestie. We both dressed up to hand out candy, but it was pouring rain so we didn't get many kids. That didn't stand in the way of our fun though! We watched The Nightmare Before Christmas (Britt hadn't seen it before), ate candy and snacks, and took a bunch of photos. There was some video taken as well of an "epic battle" between us, but that is much too embarrassing to show to anyone. Ever.

We both made our costumes. Britt is dressed as "Link" from Legend of Zelda. She made her cape, tunic and matching hat with the help from my sewing machine. 

My costume was mainly an excuse for fun Halloween fabric. I'm a spider web! The top is a beautiful spider-web lace, and the skirt has a printed white web and glittery green spiders. Unfortunately the glittery green spiders got glittery green sparkles EVERYWHERE! But at least it looked good :)

The cute little black spider was handmade by a lady Britt works with.
 We named him Fred Astaire.

I took a short video of my costume so you can see it in motion. The best part of the top/skirt is twirling in it! It's so swishy!

That's All.