Saturday, November 19, 2016

This and that

Hey everyone. It's been a rough couple weeks dealing with some health issues. Long story short: I'm fine at the moment, but after 3 years on the medical roller coaster I'm more than a little fed up. I recently developed a new "life-threatening" thyroid problem, but it seems to have magically fixed itself (more-or-less), which has even the specialist confused. 

Anyways, this post will be sort of a random assortment of pictures from the last few weeks. I tried to take some outfit shots in the woods last week, but got there too late in the day. It was much too dark for photos, but here is the best shot I managed to get:
 I was going for a 1930's vibe, with my 3-hour sweater (closed at the top with a brooch), long black skirt, and beret. It was a super cute outfit, and I'm disappointed I wasn't able to capture it better. Oh well, next time I will try to be there a bit earlier...

I also never got around to posting my Halloween costume. I was a Beanie Baby! Actually, I was specifically the "Chip" Beanie Baby, who was a black and brown cat. I even printed out a real tag for accuracy. No one really got it (all the kids were too young to remember Beanie Babies), but I liked it and that's all that really matters.  

And here we have another outfit that I didn't have time to properly take photos of. I seem to be leaning towards a 1930's/1940's look at the moment. 

I also made myself a new pair of pajamas. I used a 1920's pattern for inspiration. Yup, I now have 1920's style pink unicorn pajamas. They are awesome. 

I recently filmed a few more youtube videos, including one for this 1922 perfume. I have a bunch more in the works, so stay tuned. I may also expand my range of videos to include some crafting and cooking tutorials. If anyone has any requests let me know!

Aggie misses the warmer weather and now spends many hours sitting on my cutting table staring out the window. 

Well I suppose that's it for now. I have so much work to get done before Christmas and so little time/energy to do everything! I better get back to work!

That's All.