Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tea Time

So remember that teacup I posted about a couple days ago? Well guess what was 50% off at the Bay... Happy (very) early Birthday to me! I always buy myself one present and this is it for this year. Yeah, that was the only way I could justify buying it....

On the plus side I now have a teacup I can actually drink out of. I have two from my Grandma that she gave me for Christmas. They were wedding gifts she got in the 1940s when she was married. I love them but am way to terrified to even pick them up. They just sit on my shelf and look pretty. My mom says I can have all her teacups too since she never uses them but I am afraid that will have to wait until I move somewhere else, since I don't have the room for all of them at the moment.

Here are the ones my Grandma gave me. The Peacock one is my favourite but I love them both.

Tea according to Homemakers of Tomorrow (1958)

In other news, I am considering cutting my hair. The problem is I am terrified to go too short. I really love short hair but I would want it pin-curled all the time (and I just don't always have the time). I was thinking about going for a Veronica Lake style cut but I plan on trying to cut it myself. This may end badly.

Any suggestions?


  1. don't cut it yourself. You and I shall go to chapters look at some MODERN mags and find a nice new hairstyle that will allow pin curls

  2. But I always cut it myself. I haven't had someone else cut my hair in almost 8 years! And I don't want to get a modern haircut, I am thinking more along the lines of a modified middy.

  3. those tea cups are just lovely!

    I've had better luck taking pictures of modern starlets with vintage-esque hairdos to the hairdresser than trying to explain the vintage style I wear? Don't know if that helps?


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