Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pioneer Kate

With the exception of a cold, I am feeling much more like myself this week. I do wish I didn't have to work on my birthday this Saturday, but at least I enjoy my job. Yesterday, we hosted a "pioneer day" for a group of home school kids. It was a lot of fun and, with the exception of one of the crafts (giving hammers and nails to 8 year-olds is a BAD idea), it went very well. I LOVE the pioneer outfit, and it is actually quite comfortable and practical.

And as promised, here is a picture of the dress I bought at the Christie Antique show. I am trying to figure out when it was made. I think it looks 1940's or maybe earlier? It has unfinished seams (with exception of the arm seams which have obviously been recently repaired) and has a label that I think says Winnie Mae Frocks, but it is quite faded and hard to read. Any ideas of how old it is?


  1. What a cute dress, unfortunately i'm rubbish at dating clothes so i'm no help i'm afraid!

  2. hi there:)
    im a new follower
    follow follow as soon as i saw that adorable dress!
    belle xx


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