Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stockings, stockings, and more stockings!

I was at my favourite antique market yesterday, since I have about 3 days during which I don't have to worry about working on assignments or studying (it is the first real break I have had in about 2 months!). While I was there I stumbled across one of the best deals I have ever found there. One of the vendors had a bag of 17 pairs of stockings for $20! I couldn't open the bag to inspect them before buying, but at that price I decided to take a chance.
Some of them are still in the original boxes and bags! There seems to be quite an assortment: seamed, seamless, black, blue, taupe, white, etc. I also got several metal garter clips.

Only problem? I am terrified to actually wear any. I started to try on one pair and discovered it has several runs in it that I made a 100 times worse. I feel so guilty! After a bit of research, I discovered I am supposed to soak them before wearing.

Do you ladies wear vintage stockings? I haven't yet decided what to do with them. Two pairs have runs but the rest seems in decent condition. I would hate to ruin them but it seems a shame to not wear them :S

This pair is my favourite, seamed with painted flowers.


  1. My husband took me shopping at several antique shops last weekend. In one I came across a stocking patch/patch. It looked like a big sticker, just made out of nylon. It was about 2 inches by 4 inches and felt like a coarse piece of a stocking with adhesive on one side. Modern nylons seem so flimsy by comparison.

    I don't have occasion to wear stockings much these days (we live on a farm & the goats would just try to eat them :-) but I always wear a pair of white cotton gloves when I put stockings on. Just a little extra protection from any rough spots on my hands.

    Sounds like the stockings were a good find!

  2. Depending on how old they are, I would be carefull wearing the oldest ones...and don't even try the ones with snags...unless you repair them first (and that's really difficult - and takes a lot of effort), and with the prieces on stockings today, it's not worth it. In my experience old stockings from the 60'ies till today are quite allright to wear. The ones older than that are tricky. Anyway the stockings don't live long when used; 3 - 4 times out, and then there's often a choose when you want to be extra vintage with care...
    xXx Anne

  3. Wow what a great find! I love the ones with the flowers, lovely. I have some vintage stockings but I daren't wear them as I'm normally tearing mine, it depends how careful you are with them I suppose.

    I hope your exam went well! xx

  4. Wowwee,what a find!
    Unfortunately I can’t wear old f/f stockings as my legs are too skinny, so I end up with extra room in the calf area. And when I do find them in the right foot size and with the no extra room, then they usually end up being 5 inches too short!
    The ones with the flower clocks are adorable- they are my favourite too! Tups xx

  5. I wear nylon stockings every day, and in my opinion wearing stockings is more a matter of experience than a problem. You have to get used to them and learn how to put them, sit and move etc. If you just wear stockings for those special occasions, you will probably quickly catch a run. In my experience gloves are not neccesary for putting them on. You just have to check your hands and fingers for rough skin and nail roots, then you can easily manage to get them on. Many of my stockings last for several months, and if you buy more than one pair of a kind, you can easily replace them. Some women carry a little bottle of transparent nail varnish with them, and if you catch a run you can easily stop it with a drop of nail varnish. I prefer carrying an extra pair of stockings with me! With regard to vintage stockings I have - and have had - several pairs of them. I am surprised at how durable many stockings made in the 50s and 60s are. But of course they eventually come to an end if you wear them. So there you have a dilemma: if you want the joy of wear, you must risk the sorrow of tear (alas, isn't this almost a general law of life). Anyway, what I want to say is: If you want to start wearing your vintage stockings, get yourself some experience from wearing modern replica first.



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