Thursday, April 28, 2011

Movie Night Outfit

It might be a while until my next post. This weekend I am moving into my new place and I start school next week. The worst part about doing a university co-op program is a tie between moving every 4 months and having to be in school during the summer.

I did manage to get out with some friends and see a movie this week. We went to see Water for Elephants. It was alright but I had hoped it would be better. I knew all of the 1920's/30's songs in the movie though. I was proud :P

Anyways, here are some rather blurry pictures of my outfit:

Outfit Details:
Top: Smartset
Skirt: Made by me using my simple skirt tutorial
Earrings: Also made by me.

My hair was curled and pinned up in a faux bob

That's All.


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