Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm back!

I'm back after a week at my grandmother's cottage. It was a lot of fun, but we had to leave a few days earlier then expected (since my parents decided to go off to PEI for a last minute holiday).

I wore this 1920's inspired outfit for the car ride to the cottage:
Dress: Made by me using this method
Sweater: Thrifted
Shoes: The Bay
Necklace: Gift 

On the way there, I made everyone stop in Bobcaygeon since there was an antique fair going on. The fair was alright but very overpriced. I did however managed to pick up two new "friends". Aren't they lovely? Normally I tend to buy only women, but I thought I needed to add a guy to my cabinet card collection to balance the genders a bit more.

Despite rather chilly weather I did go swimming quite a lot (I'm nuts though. I've been known to go swimming about 2 weeks after the ice melts of the lake, which is not a smart idea by the way...). I was excited to wear my "new" bathing suit. I actually bought this suit in elementary school. I wore it to a pool party and everyone made fun of my "grandma" bathing suit, so it was buried at the back of my closet for years! I am so glad I never got rid of it, because I simply adore it now (and no longer care about being considered "grandmotherly" haha).  

One thing we always do a lot of when we go to the cottage is shopping. We have gotten in the habit of driving to Bracebridge for an afternoon (despite it is about 2 hours away!). It gave me a chance to get dressed up and wear my latest sewing project. The top of the dress is from a 1960's pattern and the bottom is from a 1950's pattern. I love the vintage lace I hand-stitched along the bottom, although it took nearly 4 hours to sew it on.
Dress and Necklace: Made by me
Shoes: The Bay
Belt: Vintage

I bought a few little things, but my major purchase of the week are the shoes in the below picture. I have never spent so much money on shoes in my life, but I just fell completely in love with them. They are very comfortable and fit perfectly <3

I'm now home and working on reorganizing my entire room, as well as sewing some new clothes for fall. I will however miss the few lazy days I managed to have at the cottage. I will never get tired of looking at this view:

That's All.


  1. I am absolutely in a swoon over the ruffle dress! Would you ever consider doing one on commission?? email me at if you would. I think it is divine! I loved this whole post!!

  2. I love the 1920's dress, the black shoes, the bathing suit, the blue dress. Everything is adorable.:)

  3. What a gorgeous lake! Looks like you had a wonderful time (and bought some great stuff!).

    Love your grandma bathing suit and I'm totally impressed by your sewing skills!

  4. That red dress is just beautiful! X

  5. Oh what a gorgeous backdrop to such stylish outfits! Green with envy over here! x

  6. @Ruby: I used a fabric that came with ruffles already attached. I'm afraid that fabric was bought on clearance and is no longer available as far as I know. I'm also not a very good seamstress (my pieces look fine from the outside but are a mess on the inside haha). I wrote a tutorial for that design and I'm sure if you took that to someone who sews they could make you one and perhaps add ruffles :)

  7. Oh, all images are absolutely beautiful, but the swimsuit is WONDERFUL !!!!!! I'm glad you keep it still.

  8. That's a great dress! I'd like to start making my own dresses in the next endeavor! I love those shoes! I'm sure they were worth it and who thinks about the price 6 months later, right? ;D

  9. Such a wonderfully lovely array of outfits. The 20s inspired ensemble is especially delightful.

    Thank you very much for your lovely comment on my post about Stella's birthday, I sincerely appreciate it (as does Stella :D).

    Wishing an utterly marvelous September, sweet gal!


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