Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weekend photoshoot

I've reached over 200 followers!!! 
Thank you everyone who takes the time to read my blog. It really means a lot to me :) I've already begun gathering items for a giveaway but I want to add a couple more things before I officially announce it, so stay tuned!

I've been quite busy sewing myself some new clothes for fall (including a cape/skirt set and a pair of wide-leg trousers!!) and organizing my room. I did however manage to squeeze in a photo-shoot with my best friend on the weekend. Technically the shoot was for me to take pictures of her and a certain boy, but I did hand the camera over to him for a little bit to grab a few snaps of us. My friend and I don't have nearly enough pictures together since I'm always the one behind the camera!

The photos I took turned out great. I might share some later if I get permission from the two of them, but for now here are some of the ones the boy took. Unfortunately he wasn't used to my camera (she is rather temperamental...) so quite a few of them didn't turn out, but nevertheless I am quite pleased with the pictures we did manage to get.

We took the pictures at what was once Cullen Gardens and Miniature Village. It is now a rather rundown, very overgrown park run by the town. There are lovely historical buildings but they have been left empty and are in need of repair . It makes me really sad that the town doesn't utilize such a wonderful space :(

Most of the pictures of Britt and I ended up like the above picture. Can you tell who is the affectionate one?

Here is a colour photo of my outfit. The dresses Britt and I wore are actually new dresses (both from Winners I think) that have a vintage style, as I didn't want to ruin any real vintage dresses. My hat is a 1940's piece, and Britt's hat is a modern one from Icings. Our gloves are also vintage, and the faux fur stole was made made by me (tutorial here)

That's All.


  1. Wow, you both look so great!!! X

  2. WOw, that first image is pure grace and glamour!

  3. What a lovely garden setting! I hope they get the revamp they need! I hate to see interesting spaces and old buildings go to waste. Glad you got some photos with your friend! The third one is hilarious!

  4. You look fantastic, love your hat!

  5. What a lovely idea! Such happy, affectionate pictures!

  6. Such great pictures, really captures your soul! love that little black hat too! Lovely blog, will defiantly come back :)

    If you have a minute please check out our blog too, love P&C xx


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