Monday, April 16, 2012

Windy Day

Hello everyone! I am finally done exams!!! Technically I still have a 20 page report to write, but I thought I would take a little break and write a blog post.

I'm moving back home in 2 days, so my friend and I went out for one last latte. It was windy so I wore a headscarf to try and protect my hair (which was curled and pinned up). My friend thought I looked like a grandmother and was embarrassed to be seen with me. I couldn't understand it. Grandmas are awesome!

We took a few photos by the historical train/train station.

Outfit Details:
Blouse: Made by me from a 1940's pattern
Trousers: DangerousGarbs  
Scarf: Gift
Sunglasses: Icings

 We tried a different place for coffee. It was alright, but not amazing. They did however make a heart on my latte.
 And by this point, my "friend" had decided he couldn't stand the scarf anymore and ripped it off my head. Which of course resulted with my hair being ruined. Luckily it somehow managed to retain some of its curl.

One last thing, before I get back to packing/report writing, I've posted two more Youtube videos. So here you go!

That's All.


  1. Aww, your friend there clearly has no taste! You look totally adorable, both with the glamourous headscarf and without!! I love that blouse, and your whole ensemble has a wonderful Kate Hepburn vibe to it :)

  2. I've never understood people who got embarrassed over how OTHER people dress. Oh well.

  3. Yay for exams being done! I'm just heading into exams so I so know how that is.

  4. Agrandma? No way, you look so glamorous!! We have a historic train station just like that here in St Charles! Its the best place for pictures

  5. Darling gal, you look positively fantastic! I love that rich, elegant jewel eggplant hued satin top, as well as the becoming grey trousers. Outfit inspiration at work here for sure (especially since I adore both of those colours myself, too!).

    Thank you ever so much for your lovely comment this week. It's hard to believe that Chronically Vintage is 3 years old already. My, how the time has flown by! I'm really excited about what the future holds in store for it, especially since I started sharing vintage outfit snaps of my own there now.

    Thanks again & have an utterly gorgeous weekend,


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