Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY Framed Flowers

I realized the only way I'm going to be able to keep posting regularly is to schedule posts. This way when I have a bit of spare time (and inspiration of course) I can write a couple posts all at once. So for my first scheduled post I'm posting a little DIY project. Well hopefully posting. The new blogger format has me slightly confused...

Framed Flowers
Pressed flowers are a very "vintage" decoration to have around the house. I think they look lovely and will be the perfect accessory in my future home's Victorian inspired study/library. (That's on my must-have list!)

You will need:
-Fresh flowers
-A frame (choose one where the back is in direct contact with the glass)
-Background paper (You could use fancy card paper, stationary, wrapping paper, etc. I used large paint chips I picked up for free at a hardware store)
-A heavy book (or a flower press if you have one).
-Pen and ink (optional)

Step 1: Gather your fresh flowers .You could use store bought ones. I'm using ones I gathered from my dad's garden. Place them in the book to press them flat. If you are worried about getting your book dirty, place parchment paper in between the flowers and the pages of the book.
Step 2: Be very patient. This is the hard part. You will need to let your flowers dry for at least a couple weeks. Make sure the book is not disturbed and is placed flat on it's side. When they are dry carefully remove them from the book.
Step 3: Cut your background paper to size. As mentioned, I used large paint chips for mine. The paint chips were slightly too small for my frame so I used two. I used pen and ink to write on the paint chip the approximate date and place the flowers came from. You could also label what type of flowers you used. This would look amazing if you have nice handwriting. I don't, but I still think it turned out ok.
Step 4: Arrange the flowers directly on the inside of the glass. When you get a grouping you like carefully place the background paper on top. Then carefully replace the back of the picture frame and secure it. Hopefully none of the flowers slipped out of place while you were doing this! If they have, simply remove the  back and repeat this step.
Step 5: Enjoy your new pressed flower artwork!

Here is a simpler version I made last year with some forget-me-nots (my favourite flower).


  1. These are lovely, great idea! X

  2. I love pressed flowers. I got married in November and I've pressed a kind of mini-bouquet from my bouquet and I haven't looked at them since then, they're just sitting in their book which itself is sitting underneath a chest of books. They're probably suitably pressed by now ;) I need to find the perfect frame for them!

  3. What a terrifically lovely idea and fantastic way to create thoroughly one of a kind art. Thank you for sharing this excellent tutorial, dear gal.

    Many thanks, too, for your blog comment today, I always love it when you stop by for a visit.

    Oodles of hugs & joyful Friday wishes,


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