Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Any Early Christmas Present for You!

Hello everyone. I'm still here. I've just been drowning in school work. I shouldn't really be typing this now but I just had to blog something!

I had planned on adding some vintage-themed printables to my Etsy shop but just haven't had enough time to do so. So I've decided to offer one of my designs free to all of you as an early Christmas gift! This was a trial run for a bookplate using an image from a 1930's magazine. It is of a lower image quality than I would like but it looks fine when printed. Just print it on label paper in your desired size and put in your books! (If anyone needs help doing this just write me a comment and I will give you some help if I can.)

Bookplate 1
Isn't it cute? Perfect if you lend out any books. I am always worried by babies won't get back to me but a bookplate is a gentle reminder of the books owner (and proof if anyone tries to steal your book... I'm a bit possessive of my books haha)


That's All.


  1. I love this idea! That's so nice of you, thank you very much. This will work for my DVDs too.

    Porcelina xx

  2. How wonderfully lovely and thoughtful of you. From one perpetual bookworm to another, thank you very much for the generous gift.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. How cute! My dad had a sort of stamp that created raised images on the page (like you see on official things that have been notarized) to label his books as his. I can't for the life of me think of what it's called, but this vintage one is much more my style. :)

    Hope the rest of your semester goes well! I had final exams this week and I'm soooooo glad to be on break finally!

  4. Wonderful, thank you! I'm a bibliophile & need just that – only I didn't know it before I saw it :-))

  5. Great idea, very cute!

    I have a surprise for you!


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