Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Latest Sewing Creation

Taking outfit photos is so difficult in the winter! It is much too dark inside and much too cold outside. I did want to get some shots of my new sweater though. I made it out of a very soft knit fabric, with a cotton gingham collar and belt (the buckle and buttons are vintage). This was my inspiration image. I think I came pretty close. I love how it is a vintage style but is still casual enough for everyday wear.


That's All.


  1. I hear you completely! Our old place had a great deal of shortcomings, but natural light - not even on the harshest of winter days - was not one of them. For the most part we've been bearing the cold and snow and continuing to snap outside, but sometimes that just isn't possible and its then that I find myself yearning for spring's return (much as I do love winter in a lot of ways).

    You look great! That sweater is really lovely and the gingham belt and collar were such fun, adorable touches.

    ♥ Jessica


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