Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wishing for Autumn

It's been refreshingly cool the last few days. This weather has me yearning for fall and being able to bring out my cosy sweaters again. Any one else craving the autumn season? It is my favourite time of year, especially fashion-wise. 

This outfit photo turned out very "autumn-like", but unfortunately the tree behind me has yellow/orange leaves because it is slowly dying. Oh well. It still looks pretty. The blouse I'm wearing was based on a 1920's sweater pattern. I suspect the knitted version would hang a little better, but I still love it.

What's your favourite season?


  1. Fall, no questions asked. I can wax poetically about every season, but there's just something about the majestic, short-lived beauty of autumn that captures my heart year after year (in fact, I made sure to having my wedding in October so that I could always have our anniversary to look forward to in my favourite season).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I recently decided that I'm now ready for autumn to begin.

    My favourite season is either spring or autumn.


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