Saturday, February 15, 2014


Hello everyone. It seems like a while since I last posted although it's only been a little over a week (are you sure it hasn't been a month?!). The last week or so has been rather rough. My sweet little kitty was very sick and the vet thought her kidneys were failing. Thankfully, all her blood tests came back fine. The vet now thinks maybe she is just getting dehydrated because of her thyroid problem. We have her on fluids and she seems to be doing quite well.

On a lighter note, I've also been busy with my new tutoring job. It's going quite well so far, and I'm enjoying it more than I expected. I really enjoy doing high-school math (especially calculus). University sort of ruined math for me but now I'm falling back in love with the subject.

As a tutor, I feel the need to dress "smart". This means the ties are back! Wearing a necktie always makes me feel more intelligent. A lot of women's blouses do not button up high enough to work with a tie, so sometimes I safety-pin the top closed. This weekend I went for a more casual look and just loosely looped the tie around my neck. It was the perfect outfit for a ramble through the countryside followed by a latte in a quirky independent coffee shop.

Outfit Details:
Tie and Sweater-Vintage
"Knickers"- Made by me
Tights- Winners
Shoes- The Bay
Sunglasses- Zehrs
Everything else- been in my closet too many years to remember

I'm thinking with my new job I may treat myself to some new clothing. I've been so busy making stuff for other people, I haven't made anything for myself in ages. Some new blouses and skirts are on my "must-make" list, and I may go on a $20 "shopping spree" in Value Village for things I can't make myself (namely sweaters due to my injured wrist). 

I hope everyone had a great weekend.
That's All.


  1. Nice outfit! I hope your cat is getting well soon!

  2. Fabulous ensemble! It has a certain avant-garde 1920s in Paris feel to it that is entirely awesome!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Love the knickers! I always think they look fantastic and they go so well with your patterned socks! :)


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