Saturday, July 12, 2014

Haircut and an Everyday Outfit

Hello everyone! Well I finally got around to cutting my hair. (Only took about 6 months...) I lopped off about 10inches but as you can see it is still quite long. For some reason my hair seems to be really dry this summer, but it feels so much better since I cut off the ends and did a couple deep conditioning treatments. 

I decided to treat myself with curly hair for a day, but unfortunately didn't last long in this heat. Next time I will add some lemon juice to help hold the curl. 

This is pretty much a typical "everyday" outfit for me. I normally wear a blouse, trousers, and some comfy shoes to work. It's fast and easy in the morning, and is comfortable enough to tutor in. 

Here are a couple shots of my hair before the haircut:

Yup..... really long.... 

After (although it looks a bit shorter when it's curled):

I am seriously loving this cut. I think this is my preferred length. It is still long, but short enough to play around with a bit more. 

In other news: IT'S BERRY SEASON!!!!! Eek! I am so excited to finally have black raspberries again. We have more than we can eat fresh, so if anyone has any good recipes let me know in the comments. I made quite a few scones and cakes last year but I'm looking to expand my recipe collection. We have a LOT of berry bushes...

I'm still harvesting lots of other veggies as well, such as kale, rhubarb, and swiss chard. 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

That's All.


  1. I didn't realise your hair was so long!

    I started to wear trousers last winter but have gone back to my skirts during the warmer summer weather. I love your trousers they are so modest in style which I consider important.

  2. You look very pretty with curls my dear! Hope you will have a fabulous berry week!
    may x


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