Thursday, November 27, 2014

Nature Walk

I love going for walks in conservation areas. A couple weeks ago Britt and I went for a walk at one nearby that has a ton of animals. People feed the birds so everything is very tame. I tend prefer more "wild" areas, but Britt is a sucker for cute chipmunks so we made a trip there just before the weather turned. We didn't see many chipmunks, but there were a ton of blue jays, chubby squirrels, and very bold wild turkeys. 

 I actually didn't use the camera zoom for these turkey photos. Yes, we were that close!

 Britt dressed casually and practically for our walk. I decided to be silly and dress up in a nature inspired outfit. At least my shoes were practical.

Outfit Details:
Dress and belt -Made by me
Boots- Ariat Riding Boots
Hair Ornament- from the Christmas floral section at Michaels

Now that there is suddenly snow on the ground, it is much less conducive to nature walks. However, I'm trying to make an effort to get out more often regardless of the weather. I'm going to need boots with a better tread through. My riding boots are a great practical boot, but they don't have good tread for winter. 

That's All


  1. How seriously cool to see turkeys in the wild. BC is home to some pretty amazing animals (from orca whales to spirit bears), but if we have any of turkeys around, they're doing a better job of hiding (from me at least :)) than the Ogopogo. :)

    What a fun outfit to wear for an outing into nature on a crisp fall day. I bet the fullness of your dress' skirt rustled beautifully like the autumn leaves all around when a breeze struck up. I've always like that feeling of the wind waltzing with a long skirt or dress. It's so symbolic of fall's return to me.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Wild turkeys and blue jays! I adore seeing birds from other countries :)


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