Friday, February 6, 2015

Fabrics and Dresses (1917)

I've been diligently working at completely reorganizing my studio. I would love to devote more time to my business now I'm sleeping a little better, but I've come to realize my studio needs work first. It's a very small room and just wasn't functional. This is proving to be a monumental task. 

Of course, playing with all my fabrics has certainly gotten me watered up to sew something (anything!). To create a work/life sewing balance, I'm going to try dedicating weekends to sewing things for me. I would love to actually make some of the vintage patterns in my collection, as well as trying some trial designs for the shop. Some more Edwardian-style skirts are also on my wishlist. They are so comfortable and great for the colder months.

That's All.


  1. Loved browsing through these, thanks for sharing! Some great inspiration x

  2. Lovely pictures - good luck with your weekend projects, looking forward to seeing the results!

  3. I love these catalog pages. I think any one that sews wishes for a larger craft space at one point or another. But unless that happens, organizing is what to do. It can be daunting and inspirational all at once!


  4. I love seeing these, thank you for sharing them. The shapes of these dresses are really lovely, I'm digging the sailor collars and pretty embroidered details. I can't wait to see what they inspire you to do.
    Jessica, Zella Maybe

  5. Oh how I love these - and the charmingly little "Made in Canada" (in a maple leaf silhouette no less), made this proud canuck lass smile big time! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Gorgeous images, such lovely colours too.


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