Sunday, May 29, 2016

Summer Already?

Opps, I have been a very bad blogger lately. I do have a good excuse though! We have been property hunting and almost bought a house. It didn't end up happening (due to concerns with some of the mechanicals of the house), but I have been away quite a bit lately as a result. 

Things should settle down for a bit after the last few stressful weeks. Time to relax! I am enjoying the lead-up to my birthday (mid-June), and am scouring Etsy for possible birthday gifts. I'm on a tight budget at the moment, so my birthday is a welcome excuse to do some online shopping. Due to a possible mold allergy I have stopped collecting antique books, magazine, postcards, etc, and switched my focus to antique hair devices. I just adore vintage hair styling and am hoping to add at least a piece or two to my collection. 

At the moment it's too hot to do much of anything, including complicated hair styling. This morning, I had one curl from a Victorian-style curler experiment, which I simply pinned back and added a beret to cover the rest. I paired it with t-shirt and 1930's style skirt for a casual Sunday afternoon look. It was too hot for necklaces, so I opted for a simple pair of earrings as my only other accessory. When did it become summer? Even the air conditioning is having a hard time keeping up in this heatwave. 

 Despite my lack of blogging, I have still been fairly regular posting Youtube videos (that's a switch!). Here are a couple of my recent favourites from my channel:

I have plans to launch a series of vintage perfume tutorials after having so much fun filming this one (at about 2 am which I why I look so tired!):

I have so many videos planned and am looking forward to filming a few of them over the next couple weeks. I wish I had a bit better equipment, but I am still very much enjoying the process of creating videos. My videos take a lot of time to make (often including hours of research), but I love making something which I hope is at least somewhat educational. I'm working on a really great hair pomade recipe at the moment, so stay tuned for that!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

That's All.


  1. Oh goodness! I need to check out your YouTube channel! It's me, Elizabeth, your customer who has not bought anything in awhile :-( I've changed Blogger profile and my blog address but it's still me.

    1. Thanks for letting me know it's you :) Good luck with the new blog!

  2. love the skirt and top and that norma shearer looks is awesome! As are the ringlets

  3. Beautiful outfit! I'm such a big fan of grey and purple together. How exciting that things are really hopping on the house hunting front for you guys. Fingers crossed that the next gem you encounter is "the one".

    Big hugs & joyful birthday countdown wishes,
    ♥ Jessica


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