Thursday, June 30, 2016

Victorian Summers

I have been feeling very inspired by Victorian and Edwardian style lately. I would love to add a few Victorian/Edwardian inspired pieces to my wardrobe, assuming I have time to make some or can find some to thrift. I suppose summer isn't the best time to don such clothing (especially during this heatwave!), but nonetheless I have been gathering inspiration images and trying to decide how to incorporate elements into my wardrobe. 

Here a few of my favourite summer inspiration images:

In other news my Etsy shop is on temporary hiatus due to the looming postal strike. I just haven't been able to find a good alternative shipping option, so have made the decision to close down for a couple weeks. 

However, I have reopened my second Etsy shop! I had big plans last year for my second shop, but didn't have the time/energy to follow through with them. But since I can't ship anything at the moment, I decided to at least add some more printables to my shop. I have some more designs in the works, but for now I have added some new Victorian/Edwardian inspired printables using images from my antique magazine/postcard collection. I've also listed three knitting patterns I wrote several years ago (they are also still available on Ravelry). All my printables are only $3 CAD (approx $2.40USD) or less.
To check it out click here!

Hopefully this postal strike is resolved soon and I can get my main shop back open. It really couldn't have happened at a worse time, since as a tutor I don't have much income during the summer. My Etsy shop provides the majority of my earnings during the lean months and I really hate having to close it. Oh well, I may be on the path to fixing some of my health issues so there may be a career change in the not-so-distant future.

I hope everyone has a great weekend (and a happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians)!

That's All.


  1. Your printable offerings are immensely pretty! I'm very sorry that you're in the same boat that I am right now due to the strike, too, for one of your shops. It's awesome though that the other one can remain open, as the postal system isn't a must for it.

    Many hugs & joyful Canada Day long weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank! Fingers crossed the dispute is resolved soon.

  2. Beautiful inspiration images! I love Victorian and Edwardian style as well, although it's hard to incorporate it into an every day wardrobe. I feel like cropped riding jackets in the fall and lacy camisoles in the summer are a fun way to do it, although it would be cool to be able to go a bit more literal.

    1. I've been keeping my eye out for lacy Victorian-style blouses, but the thrift stores around here seem to be in short supply. A full-on Victorian outfit would be so much fun to wear! I'd probably be silly enough to wear it outside regardless of how odd it would look :)

  3. Really pretty. I love Victorian and Edwardian underpinnings


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