Monday, August 7, 2017

Shopping for Fall Clothing (1920)

I've been fantasy shopping in old catalogs again. Browsing through antique mail order catalogs has long been a hobby of mine and oh how I wish I could actually order from them still! With autumn approaching, I've started to think about my fall wardrobe and what gaps need filling. I will post an updated wardrobe plan in the near future, but for now here is my wishlist if time-travel was possible and I could order from the 1920 Eaton's Fall/Winter catalog!

I'm loving the plum coloured coat on the right. The lower neckline would suit me better than the high collars, plus it would be the perfect shade for when winter rolls around.

I may have to get a few of these dresses. Hmm... let's see... The green one for sure and the turquoise one. I rather like the navy one on the far right and at only $11 I may as well order one of those too.  

Yes. All of them.

A big shawl would be perfect for the colder months ahead. The serviceable all-wool shawl for $2.50 will do.  

This is hard choice, but I think I will go with the hat on special bargain. It would be easy to add extra trimmings to if I fancied something a little bolder. Although that smart velveteen hat is also calling my name...

I should pick up an apron for wearing around the house. I think I'll go with the bungalow apron.

A new chemise or two as well, I think. 

Yes to any of these.


Before I place my order, I may as well add some yarn because...well.... yarn.

Well, that was fun. I do wish one could still order from old catalogs because they have the loveliest items. At least it gives inspiration and ideas for styles to be on the lookout for. Maybe next time I should go furniture shopping and redo my rooms.

And if anyone invents a time machine... can you pick me up a few things?

That's All.


  1. Amazing! Especially the strappy shoes! And the sweater coats.
    Looking at the dresses and considering that this is 100 years ago - the prices seem a bit dear for the average working gal. Surprising for Eatons.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. The boots - those I'll take in every style and colour please!! Always such fun looking at these catalogues x

  3. 1920s dresses and knits look so comfortable. I'm not sure that they wouldn't make me look like a shapeless sack, but they'd be wonderful for lounging in. That all-wool jersey dress is ideal.

  4. Oh, those hats and that plum coloured coat, add a lovely pair of boots and one is ready for late fall. It's fun to dream and wish, as I bet many women and girls did back then turning each page of those amazing catalogs...

  5. Love the green coat, the turquoise and yellow cardi and all that wool! Lovely things to choose from.


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