Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Old Bed Sheets

 Whew! It's been a hot summer for far!

Between the scorching temperatures and a heat-related flare-up of my cfs/me, I've been dressing up very little over the last few months. Even just existing is difficult in this heat. Did I mention I'm not a summer person? 

I was scrolling back through my photos and I realized the last two times I got properly dressed and took outfit photos I was wearing bedsheets. I mean that literally. This fantastic dress and the skirt in the pictures below were both made from old bed sheets. While the Victorian era through to the 1930's are "my eras", I do love a funky 1960s/1970s floral print. Both fabrics are also thin cotton/poly blends that breath well and aren't too heavy in this oppressive heat.

This summery dress was made from a 17th century chemise tutorial. I shortened the sleeves (there wouldn't have been enough material for long sleeves anyways) and added elastic along the bottom to puff them out. This has been one of my go-to pieces this summer. It is so comfy and fun! I've paired the dress with a belt, boots, and some blue floral earrings. 

The outfit below is also me-made. The blouse was made by me many years ago from some vintage fabric. The skirt is a true circle skirt with an elastic-belting waistband. I love using thick belt elastic for waistbands on full skirts. It's quick and easy to sew, plus it provides a very sturdy waistband that fits both snugly and comfortably. 

It's been a fairly uneventful summer. Mostly just me sitting around wishing it wasn't so hot and feeling awful. In my better moments, I've been working towards simplifying my life a bit more (using stuff up, reorganizing, decluttering, and finishing some long-standing projects). With my health issues I really am limited in terms of how much I can do in a day. I'm hoping by reworking things, everything will flow smoother and more efficiently allowing me to spend more of my limited time on things I love doing (like maybe some more youtube videos and sewing!). It's still a work in progress.   

Currently I am nursing a sore hand/wrist (tweaked it while cleaning...)  and wistfully thinking about fall.  
Anyone else longing for autumn? I am craving knit-wear, hot beverages, sweet apples, crisp air, and colourful leaves. *sigh* Only a few more weeks to go....

I hope everyone is having a good week,

That's All.

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