Monday, July 12, 2010

A Lady of Chance

Movie review of: A Lady of Chance (1928)

Summary from the TCM website:
"In her last silent film, Norma Shearer stars as a con woman who marries a wealthy Southern cement tycoon (Johnny Mack Brown) after her former partners (Lowell Sherman, Gwen Lee) skip town with her money. Shearer's plan to milk Brown for all he's worth backfires when it turns out he's poor--and she may have actually fallen in love with him."

I found it to be a cute movie although the plot was very simple. There were very few secondary characters in this movie but not many were needed. I quite liked Norma Shearer's character Dolly. She was very feisty, intelligent and rather witty. And her outfits were gorgeous!

I very much liked this movie, although I found the ending left me wanting more. If you like silent movies then I would recommend seeing it. Overall I think I would give it 4/5.

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