Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Old Typewriters

I have been dying to get an old typewriter for quite some time. So imagine my excitement when my Grandmother said I could have her old typewriter. Now, imagine my surprise when her "old" typewriter happens to be from the 1990s. Not really what I was expecting. It is the ugliest typewriter I have ever seen.

It looks a little better when it is set up...

I was rather disappointed until I started playing with it. I haven't had so much fun in years! (Which is terribly, terribly sad....) The clickety-clack sound is so much fun to listen to. I still want to get an older machine but this one will do for now.

Until I save up enough money I will just have to drool over these machine on Etsy.

1930s RARE Antique Remington Bantam Typewriter with Original Case

Sparkling 1955 Red Royal Quiet DeLuxe Portable Manual Typewriter


Vintage typewriter - Smith Corona - Corsair - case - manual - aqua-light blue-blue green - slim - compact


  1. The Smith Corona looks like the one my mom had when I was growing up. When I still worked in an office, we had a few forms that still had to be done on a typewriter. Yeah...the State of CA still uses forms with carbon paper... It always made me feel ancient when the younger employees started and had no idea how to use a typewriter! And I'm not talking some ancient manual thing. This was a fairly new electric typewriter.

  2. I have a fully-mechanical typewriter back home... Maybe you can have it.

  3. We used to have an old typewriter similar to the one in the second to last picture. I have no idea what happened to it :( I think somebody threw it out without me finding out!

  4. I love type writers! Would love to own an old Remington one!

  5. Love those! I was thinking about getting one for my upcoming wedding, but lots of people are doing it. I think if I get one now, it will just be for me!



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